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16LJ / 16LJF Single-Effect Hot Water-Fired Absorption Chillers

Nominal cooling capacity 83-3956 kW

  • Carrier absorption chillers allow diversification of critical cooling requirements. Critical cooling loads are met with minimal electrical power input
  • They allow smaller emergency generators compared to an electrical driven chiller
  • The units are ozone-safe and CFC-free. Cooling requirements are met without chlorine-based refrigerants
  • They reduce the contribution to global warming and minimise the global impact by greatly
  • reducing electricity consumption and production of greenhouse gases
  • The solution inhibitor has no impact on the environmen
  • An absorption chiller does not utilise mechanical moving parts, and this leads to quiet,
  • vibration-free operation
  • The use of high-efficiency heat transfer surface has reduced the space required for installation of the absorption chiller, resulting in a smaller footprint
  • HFC-refrigerant free
  • Hot water source from 110 to 80°C
  • COPr up to 0.78

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